Adrian Ashwah

Author & Photographer

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m happy that you’re here.
I tend to write fiction focused on the human condition, genre or setting not withstanding.
If you stick around you’ll discover things like occasional short stories, random thoughts, rare poetry, and my upcoming debut novel.
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The Latest

A New Year – A Poem

A new year drifting in the void of space, And at first things seem to remain in their place; The dog down the road still howls, The deer still prance from behind the trees. The Christmas bells tiredly ring, Snow and tears still fall while couples swing. The Earth,...
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New Short Story / Novelette Reveal

Citizen L is a new novelette which will be released early 2018. The cover design is revealed, and the release will be exclusively on Kindle for the first 3 months. I plan to create a wider release once the initial 3 months are over. Find out more about this exciting...
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News, And More News!

New Fiction in the Works! I have been having a rough time writing anything (even poetry), since Audria was published this past August. But lately (as of just 3 weeks ago), I have been on a writing spree! I am very excited about this new story since it's very different...
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Audria – The Untold History’s Reception

It's been a while since I've posted, but now is the time to share some reviews about Audria - The Untold History. Before we delve into the reviews, I have to say that I knew this work would be divisive from the start. One of the main subject matters, religion, is not...
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Cover Concept: Audria – The Untold History

The cover concept is ready thanks to my talented digital painter, Ilenia Colaiacomo. Expect minor tweaks in the final version, but this is what the debut novel “Audria” cover will look like.

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