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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m happy that you’re here.
I tend to write fiction focused on the human condition, genre or setting not withstanding.
If you stick around you’ll discover things like occasional short stories, random thoughts, rare poetry, and my upcoming debut novel.
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Audria – The Untold History Of A Hero

Cover Design Revealed!
In a parallel universe, a girl is born in a world mired in a violent and repressive theocracy. In a dry arid world, with little to eat and do but contemplate the complexities of life, Audria finds herself at the forefront of a revolution that changed everything. How’s one to find inner peace and fill the emptiness that life, death and betrayal throw at us?
Throughout her life and in the middle of a violent chaotic world, Audria attempts to answer this question, and her answers change the face of that strange universe. TBR 2017

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A man takes a ride on a train in pursuit of a lover in far away lands, only to find himself seated next to a strange and unexpected passenger.
A very short yet multi-layered story about love, life, death and what lies beyond.

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The Latest

Cover Concept: Audria – The Untold History

The cover concept is ready thanks to my talented digital painter, Ilenia Colaiacomo. Expect minor tweaks in the final version, but this is what the debut novel “Audria” cover will look like.

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The Heart of One | A Poem

The heart sings sailing through storms.

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The Path | A Thought

What makes lasting happiness?

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Montana Spring | A Poem

A springtime poem.

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The Cloud | A Poem

A poem about the pen, the heart, the mind and the mouth.

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